Juniper saunas and wall panels

Juniper, with its characteristic aroma and healing effect, is well suited for decoration and creating a pleasant atmosphere in saunas and other recreational rooms. Juniper oil, obtained from the wood, helps to cure colds and lung ailments, stimulates blood circulation, has an antiseptic effect, and soothes rheumatic aches. The unique mosaic of hand-made juniper wall panels and their characteristic aroma offer a completely different alternative to standard wall-covering materials.

Juniper panels are made of moisture-proof plywood, to which sectors cut from juniper stems are attached in a manner that creates a mosaic.


Ready made panels in size:
500 × 500 mm (45 €)
1000 × 500 mm (85 €)
1500 × 500 mm (125 €)

15 mm in thickness

Besides all kinds of bespoke options are available.

Installation and preparation

Tiles can be used to cover walls either completely or partially. A tile can also be framed and put up as a wall decoration. Should you so request, we will carry out all the installation works together with the necessary preparations.

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